If you are unable to reach one of our Team Members below or are not sure who to contact, please call our Client Services Department and they will direct your call to the appropriate resource.

(205) 971-5706 or 1-877-4LABFIRST

Contact our team:

Name: Kelley Mitcham, BS, MT (ASCP), MSHA

Title: Director of Laboratory Services
E-mail: kelley_mitcham@chs.net
Phone: (205) 971-4581

Name: Dale Whitehurst, MT (ASCP)
Title: Operations Manager
E-mail: dale.whitehurst@grandviewhealth.com
Phone: (205) 971-5420

Name: Nancy McLendon, BS, MT(ASCP)

Title: Laboratory Quality Coordinator

E-mail: Nancy.Mclendon@grandviewhealth.com

Phone: (205) 971-7151

Name: Sheri Shipp, MT (ASCP)
Title: Outreach Manager
E-mail: Sheri.shipp@grandviewhealth.com
Phone: (205) 971-5407

Name: Matt Sloan
Title: Phlebotomy Manager

E-mail: matt.sloan@grandviewhealth.com

Phone: (205) 971-3928

Name: Matthew Watkins

Title: Field Service Representative
E-mail: Matthew.Watkins@grandviewhealth.com
Phone: (205) 971-3976

For Billing inquiries, please contact one of our Team Members below:

Name: Terrance Rutland

Title: Admitting Coordinator

Email: Terrance.rutland@grandviewhealth.com

Phone: (205) 971-3938

Name: Sandra Scott

Title: Sr. Financial Analyst
E-mail: Sandra.Scott@grandviewhealth.com

Phone: (205) 971-1891

Name: LaToya Young

Title: Central Processing Supervisor

Email: Latoya.young@grandviewhealth.com

Phone: (205) 971-3423

To report concerns about patient safety or quality of care, please contact The Joint Commission by clicking here.


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